Watt! What? Wait!

Let us do a simple experiment.
What you are about to see, is a very powerful visual. Just concentrate a few minutes on the entire scene.Ask yourself,



How did you feel now? Safe or vulnerable? Love or Fear? Empathy or Sympathy?

I would like you to freely express what you felt on both occasions in the comments section below.
What is it with these pictures that appeal to us the most? Is it the colors?Is it the waves?Or is the size or clarity? Is it something else that is underneath that is making some connection among all these?
If you thought so, I would like to compliment you. Yes, two expressions dominate the way we visualize stuff.

The Power of Love! &  The Love of Power!

Let me give you an example.We get up in the morning and feel very excited about all that we are going to do! We have a pleasing smile, feel so relaxed and just get on with everything as if we have enough time for everything!Time flies.We enjoy each other and share as that is possible with as many as possible.We sense that the entire Universe is conspiring for us.
Do you know what this means? It means that we are seeking and receiving the power of love and expressing it in every activity that we do.
Alternatively, we wake feeling a dryness in our thought, a nauseating feeling in our stomach, we just feel so heavy.It is as though a huge burden has been placed on our shoulders. We seek to abandon the day and just carry on sleeping.Somehow, we convince ourselves to meander on. Time goes by so slow.It is like we could not have had any bitter experiences. We just hide from everybody.We feel the entire Universe is conspiring against us.
And this as you might have probably guessed is seeking and receiving the love of power and struggling with it in every activity that we do.
So how do we tune ourselves to receive the power of love? Is it the seeking that matters or is there something else? Is it wrong to seek the love of power? Why should we seek the power of love in the first place?
This are very important & interesting questions that each and everyone of us keeps repeating in our head every day.So what are the answers then?Do you seek to know? or Do you know so that you seek?Well, how about waiting for a week to read my answers.

It is all about Watt! What? Just Wait!!






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