Big Data

Big Data -The Phenomenon

Big Data is the new big thing in the world of information technology.Data analytics is going is change our lives and connect us in ways never conceived till now.Yes, welcome to the new reality.
Now, the amount of data that we generated from the beginning of time till 2008 is now generated in less than one minute.
Don’t believe me.Check this out.Big Data Phenomenon

Applications of Big Data

1) Predictive Analysis

The most fascinating tale goes like this.Obama used Predictive analysis to become the first African-American to become the President of the United States of America.
This is the electoral map of the US presidential race of the now famous Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential Election.
And Nate Silver predicted the number of seats Obama would go on to win, in most of the primaries that he won, with pin-point accuracy.


The election was held on November 6,2012.


“ Mr. Obama is maintaining leads in the polls in Ohio and other states that are sufficient for him to win 270 electoral votes.”Nate Silver, Oct. 26, 2012…

Anybody who had followed the presidential elections close would have known the significance of this statistic.He predicted the  outcome a week and a half above the real date of the elections.
Welcome to the digital age of data analytics. This is the first in the three part series on applications of Big Data.Next week.. I bring you how Hurricane Sandy was tracked using Big Data…Till then, happy learning!

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  1. The term data science is gaining popularity in almost all fields, and the demandof data science application to real time business is inevitable irrespective of various challenges to adapt and setting up the platforms. Skills of data engineers, statistical predictive modler will continue to be in demand.

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