One of the habits that I find fascinating is “The need to criticize ourselves” for anything that goes wrong in our lives.This is an exercise in self-hatred and can only make us feel very guilty and lead to gradual resentment.
According to Louise Hay, Resentment, Criticism and Guilt are the most damaging patterns.Releasing resentment can dissolve even cancer.

The way resentment begins is through self-criticism. This pattern of criticism slowly starts building into guilt.As guilt grows in us, we tend to show signs of self-pity.With self-pity, we start blaming others and lay the platform for anger and greed.With greed and anger comes self-possession. Self-possession leads self-obsession.This results in judging of ourselves against standards and opinions set by others.
Gradually, this ends in extreme self-hatred and self-destruction.So, how do we snap out of this vicious circle? Is it so difficult? What does it take to release this need to self-deprecate?
“Love makes the earth go round”
It is so true and everyone has experienced this wittingly or unwittingly in some point in their lives.Love is the panacea to all of human suffering. And self-love is the only cure for self-hate.How do we love ourselves?What does that even mean?
Self-love is the deep appreciation of who you are without any conditions.It is a state where you are in harmony with yourself and your life.We often say ,
“I feel good only when I get into some job or when someone loves me or many such things.”
But what about you right now? Aren’t you good enough? Don’t you deserve the respect now? Don’t you feel proud of who you are right now?Yes, this is the real problem.People tend to identify themselves with goals.Goals are just passing phases in our lives.The real enlightenment lies in loving yourself exactly as you are right now without any conditions.
Just go to the mirror, look deeply into your eyes, gently place your hands on your throat and say aloud,
“I love you. I love you so much.”
Repeat this for about 10 times. How do you feel? Observe yourself.Please leave your comments on how you felt after this exercise in the comments section.Lets do this together.
“I love you!And So it is!”

7 thoughts on “LOVE THYSELF!

  1. Well said.Self appreciation and peace arises from inside not by outside sources or external elements of success.I really liked in your next article you mentioned.”working on myself and by myself”. I can read between lines as our inner being is happy with what and who we are arises from within as Buddha said “Search within”. I got to say this i need to look deep to understand fully your article.Soooo deep meanings.

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