Nothing else matters!

Life is a celebration of being present and staying aware of that presence every single moment.It is a journey of self-love and a discovery of infinite possibilities and manifestation of self-love. Love is the essence of life. Self-love is the essence of love. Live to love.Love to live.Truth is the design behind the glorious patterns of all our lives.There is Only one truth yet infinite possible manifestations of that One truth.People identify it through different names and forms.This is the power and inherent nature of truth.

I believe I chose to be present here in this point of time and space. I chose my parents for they most resembled the patterns that I chose to overcome.So I made a choice to realize the truth for myself and hence I am present right here, right now.I came from the One truth and I am relating back to that truth every single moment. There is never any separation. Only an illusion of feeling separated and alone.This is the only pattern I have set upon to conquer and in style I shall do it.
I am here to recognize the magnificence of my true being and existence. I am here to recognize the perfection in every single aspect of this Universe.I am here to surrender to the love of truth and to experience the true nature of love.Being yourself and Becoming aware is the best way of living life.Being present in the now and becoming One with the Truth through Love is our humble contribution to the Infinite Intelligence and Love that operates this Universe.Surrendering ourselves to the infinite Love is the realization we all seek.And as we seek, so we discover the miracles of life.
So my dear reader, join me in this journey.Know that,You matter the most.Most when you believe in yourself.Be you &ย Nothing else matters!

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